SEO services in Poland – link building, consulting, content marketing

SEO, link building and traffic-oriented content marketing

Below I present hypothetical offer (before briefing stage). It’s designed for B2B company which plans to enter Polish market.

Main goals for your company

  • achieve high rankings for main phrases – money keywords (popular ones, those which define and name services and products provided by LabVantage; those which can indicate commercial intention) – long term goal which will support sales (one of final steps in customer journey)
  • build traffic from long tail keywords (wide range of phrases connected with LabVantage field of expertise) to attract new clients (very specific queries), support expert branding and build brand awareness on market; long tail keywords may support marketing effort at almost any stage of customer journey

SEO process

SEO analysis

  • Identification of main, popular keywords (which will determine website’s information architecture and help in building SEO-oriented content plan).
  • Identification of main competitors which will determine cost of subsequent link building campaigns (it will be crucial for rankings for main keywords) and will help to set the bar for content creation (range, quantity, expertise) and essential website efficiency/usability levels.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for new website (efficiency, crawlability and indexability, information architectur)

Consulting, clarification and precise project valuation


Price range: 4500 PLN net – 6500 PLN net (depends mostly on expected shape and scope of report and cost of translation services, if any will be needed)

After conducting audits and analysis described above we strongly recommend a meeting to set up precise goals (identified keywords, other companies as benchmarks, reference). This will allow us to provide a more precise price list which will cover:

  • SEO and content marketing consulting services
  • Content creation
  • Content distribution – link building (mostly via white-hattish content marketing publishing, guest blogging, guest posting, e-PR, press releases, publication of reports, infographics etc.)

We provide link building campaigns in simple pricing model. At first we estimate essential media budget and then set a commission on it (depends on scale and difficulty of the topic). The range is 20-30%.


Indetified risks and dangers which can cause modifications in range and cost of service (in both directions)

  • too specific, narrow topic – no obvious and popular keywords
  • lack of coherent media to receive backlinks from
  • lack of professional copywriters

In each of those cases I can provide substitute strategy.

About me

I’m SEO, consultant, lecturer with ca 10 years experience in digital marketing. Icoordinate teams of professionals selected and assigned to the project depending on the specified goals.

If you are interested in my services, please send me a message via contact form.

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